Puppy C Male -SOLD-

This puppy will have the tan you see in it’s face spread up over it’s head. if you are interested in this puppy click this link to make your deposit after I ok your doing so. paypal.me/beaglepup


One thought on “Puppy C Male -SOLD-

  1. We are very happy w our pups….we got puppy b and c from the august litter and they are a handful but are very happy together 🙂 Alex is a very reputable breeder 😉 He is honest and helpful and easy to work with. He has beautiful and healthy dogs, and I highly recommend working w him in getting your new puppy. He helps a lot to show the pictures and to hold a puppy ahead which is fun and helps us feel more at ease w waiting for our puppy to come home….and the calmness of mind that you have a special puppy on reserve….and its the one you picked 🙂 The only hard part is having to choose. That’s why we got 2….and because we have 3 sons and a Dad who wanted to have lots of involvement w puppies. His are all so cute and very healthy. Our oldest son loves our two so much he wants to get one for himself when he moves out from the same puppy parents so his can be a full brother. With Alex’s help it makes it fun and a relief to know your puppy is reserved 🙂 Enjoy and have fun 🙂 They grow very fast :)…..ours are 12 wks old now and have tripled in size 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


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