IMPORTANT: If you are interested in a puppy please to not attempt to contact me via comment or message on my website. You have a very low chance of success if you use that method. Please call, email or text me. 



I am a breeder located in Wickenburg, Arizona. We are located about 50 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. My puppies are pure blooded although I have not registered them with the AKC.* All our puppies are sold with their first shots unless the the buyer request otherwise. If you are interested in a puppy contact me via the contact information provided at right.

I typically rehome my unregistered puppies for $450. That price may fluctuate a bit depending on the circumstances. AKC puppies rehome for $850.

Please visit Our Facebook page were you will find photos, reviews, and lots of fun info.

I really appreciate it when people viewing my website, or purchasing a puppy share it on their social media platforms with a few kind remarks. It really helps me get my name out, and does a lot to get my website higher in google searches. 

~ Alex

* I recently purchased two female beagles which are registered with the AKC. I will be gradually phasing in to all, or nearly all, AKC puppies. I am considering keeping one non-registered female in order to provide puppies for some who may not be able to afford an AKC registered puppy. If any of you as my customers have an opinion, or feel that would be valuable to you please let me know!

Out West Photography

Note: It has come to my attention that at various times ads appear on the bottom of this website. This site does not support or have any access to anything that might appear in these ads!

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