Vet Visit

All my AKC registered puppies are vet checked, and vaccinated. They visited the vet this past Thursday, and are all doing well!



I have seven AKC registered puppies ready for deposits right now. They are about 3 weeks old right now. I have all the details and photos here. Or you can click the tab AKC puppies at the top of the page, or in your menu. They will be ready to go home on the 21st of September. Parents are “Lola” and “Marco” if you select the “adults” page from the menu.

Puppy Photos

Decided to step outside, and shoot some photos of the puppies I still have at the house right now! I’ve taken deposits on all of these, but I haven’t heard a word out of one of the people for a few weeks though and I haven’t been able to make contact with them, so I may have one more available from this litter. Don’t forget about the two new litters I have as well. They will be ready to take home on the the 21st of September.

Two Litters of Puppies Coming

I have two litters of puppies which will be available on September 21rst. One litter is an AKC registered litter, and the other one is a non-AKC registered litter.  I will be posting photos of each individual puppy in about a week so stay tuned. If you are interested in a puppy from either of these litters please get in contact with me, and I can add you to a waiting list that will guarantee you a place in line to choose a puppy.