Here are a few photos I took the other night of Lola.


Primary waiting list full

I have taken five deposits now on my new litter. I won’t be taking any more deposits until the puppies are born unless someone wants to make the deposit anyway. I can’t guarantee more than five puppies although I’m expecting 7 or 8. So if someone wants to make another deposit they can, but I can’t guarantee more than the first five that I have taken.

New Puppies Coming

I have had a change of plans here. I am going to be leaving for a few months early this year, so I had planned to pause my breeding program until I returned. However I have it scheduled now that the puppies from this litter will be ready to go home before I leave. They will be born in December if all goes well. That means they will be ready to go home near the end of January. If you are interested in one of these puppies please let me know! I already have several names on my waiting list for this litter, and it’s filling up fast! This will be an unregistered litter, so the total cost will be $450. Again these are plans being made assuming that everything goes well with the pregnancy etc. and I believe it will.


I have seven AKC registered puppies ready for deposits right now. They are about 3 weeks old right now. I have all the details and photos here. Or you can click the tab AKC puppies at the top of the page, or in your menu. They will be ready to go home on the 21st of September. Parents are “Lola” and “Marco” if you select the “adults” page from the menu.