Puppies due on the 18th!

The June litter is estimated on the 18th of June! I currently have 10 people on my waiting list, so those options are pretty much all taken at this point. If anyone drops out it will he posted here on the website. On another note, I am planning to have another unregistered litter in the fall, and I already have a few people on that list. I was planning for that to be an AKC litter, but because of some complications it will not be registered, but I may raise their price a bit from this litter. I cannot take any new deposits right now, because some of the people from this litter may move to that list if they don’t get a puppy this litter. Just let me know if you have any questions.


Puppies Ready to Go Home Soon

I have six puppies that are almost 8 weeks old. These are AKC registered puppies. I am still waiting on their paperwork to come in the mail, but as soon as I get that I can let them go home. The puppies will have their first shots. They are 8 weeks old on the 22nd of April. there are 3 males and 3 females. I have deposits on two puppies although their owners have not yet chosen their specific puppy. If you would like to secure your place in line for a puppy please let me know. It is $25 to secure your place in line. That fee will go towards the total cost of the puppy which is $850. Typically I allow you to choose which puppy you want via pictures here on the website. This time I am only allowing you to choose your puppy in person.

Puppies Born!

I have a new litter of puppies born on February 18th! There are 8 of them! This litter will be an AKC litter. The benefit there is mostly a matter of paperwork. You will receive documents proving that the puppies are purebred puppies along with additional support, and programs offered by the American Kennel club. Please text or email me if you are interested in a puppy. I am in a location right now where my phone service is sketchy to say the least, but if you need to talk to me text me, and I will try to get back with you ASAP.