-Buddy- male -SOLD-

All of these puppies have been spoken for, This is simply for those who have made a deposit to choose their puppy. I will tell you when it is your turn to choose your puppy. When you make your decision let me know which puppy it is, and send the $75 deposit via PayPal. If you don’t do PayPal its best if you start, but if you don’t want to do that You can mail me a check. click here to make deposit via paypal



Puppy Update

Just thought I would quickly throw an update out here for all of you on my waiting list. The puppies were estimated to be born on the 18th, but because of how the process works it’s difficult to predict accurately. The puppies have not been born yet, but I will update you here as soon as they are. Have a great evening!


Puppies due on the 18th!

The June litter is estimated on the 18th of June! I currently have 10 people on my waiting list, so those options are pretty much all taken at this point. If anyone drops out it will he posted here on the website. On another note, I am planning to have another unregistered litter in the fall, and I already have a few people on that list. I was planning for that to be an AKC litter, but because of some complications it will not be registered, but I may raise their price a bit from this litter. I cannot take any new deposits right now, because some of the people from this litter may move to that list if they don’t get a puppy this litter. Just let me know if you have any questions.