Payments & Waiting list

Waiting List Information

I usually have more potentially new puppy owners than puppies. That is the reason for my waiting lists. I have two waiting lists. The first one is the paid waiting list. I only accept five entries for this list. When you apply for this waiting list you make a $25 deposit. Basically what this does is guarantee that you get a puppy from my next available litter. There are usually 5-8 puppies so even if you don’t get on this list you still have a chance to get a puppy from an upcoming litter even if the paid waiting list is full. When the litter is born, the people on my paid list choose their puppy in the order they made their deposit. The $25 deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your puppy.

The free waiting list is simply a notification list. I will take down your email address and phone number and keep you in the loop when I have a new litter. If you wish to be added to either of these list, email me at, and let me know which list you want to be added to.

Please visit our Facebook page for review, photos, and more!

Payment Information

I typically accept cash and paypal payment for both deposits and payment and pickup. I do prefer cash when you pick up your puppy, but if paypals is easier that works as well. I accept checks only in special circumstances.

Alternate Payment Possibilities

I will consider trades for a puppy if you have something of equal or greater value that you would like to trade for a puppy. I would consider photography equipment, outdoor gear, technology, or motor vehicles. Please feel free to mention anything else you may want to trade, and I will consider it.

You may also view my home page if you want to see how I sell puppies over the internet. It may be necessary to scroll down a bit to find where I have them categorized individually. Typically the buyer looks at the pictures, and decided which puppy he wants. Then they send me either $100 or $75 depending on the waiting list they are on. The rest of the money is due on the pickup date.

Please let me know via phone, email, comment, or text if you have any questions about any of these processes. Also please specify which area of the process you are inquiring about because it is difficult for me to answer questions like this, “So how exactly does this payment process work?” It’s ok if you didn’t understand the details on this page, but please read it carefully before asking the question I mentioned earlier.

Note: All deposits are refundable only in the event that I make a mistake, or something goes wrong on my end. They are not refundable if the person making the deposit decides they don’t want the puppy, or otherwise backs out of the deal.