Your New Puppy

So you have a new beagle puppy? That’s great! Here are some tips I have come across in my experiences as a beagle breeder.

Food details: I will not recommend a specific brand for food. I prefer to allow you, the owner, to chose that yourself with a few tips. Like anything else you get what you pay for. So I would recommend a mid-range priced food. The cheapest foods are not as good, but the most expensive foods are not necessary either. I have not had any problem with my dogs in this regard, but beagles have a tendency to get diarrhea if their food contains corn. So look at the ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have corn in it. I would also recommend giving your dog a can of wet dog food maybe once a week or more if you want to. Just try to get a little meat into their diet every once in a while. A couple of hot dogs, or pieces of other meat once in a while is fine too. They love meat!! It’s not critical for a dog, but I would not recommend giving a dog alot of raw hamburger, or pork. It probably won’t hurt any thing, but I just wouldn’t do it. Anther thing to be careful about is giving your dog bones. For example if you cook a ham or turkey don’t give all the bones to you dog. A big bone like the center of a ham is fine, but anything that can splinter is very bad for your dog. Turkey bones, and chicken bones should be completely off limits for your dog. Any big bone from the store that you dog can’t crack into sharp pieces is totally great and they’ll love you for them! The reason for these precautions is because splintered bones can be very sharp and cut the throat or intestines, which is a very, very bad deal!

This is the wet food, dry food, and puppy dry food that I use for my dogs and puppies. The yellow bag is the adult food. the blue bag is the puppy food, and the can is the wet food I use to feed my puppies.

Vaccination schedule: 


Click here for the complete AKC guide to puppy vaccinations.

Click here for instructions for home vaccinations if you would like a cheaper vaccination option. (Warning: This action is not recommended by most veterinarians, and I do not take any responsibility for your actions if you choose to home vaccinate.  I would not attempt it unless you are quite confident you are capable of doing it correctly! A rabies vaccination administered by an unlicensed individual is viewed the same as no rabies vaccination at all by the law. It is, by law, illegal for me to administer vaccinations for other people after the puppy has been transferred to the new owner.)

Click here to read about the diseases your vaccinating against.


Training Tips

One note right here at the beginning of these training tips.

Many people say you should never spank your puppy. This is not true. You should NEVER be mean to your puppy or strike him in anger, but it will do a world of good when you spank him for being naughty. A rolled up newspaper is good. When he disobeys smack him lightly on the nose. Your puppy wants to please you. Just a light smack shows your displeasure with his action. After he has bonded to you, just a stern no will do as much good as a switch. While he is young however you MUST show him you are master and not merely his owner. That may sound mean, but your dog will be a much better companion to you when he realizes you are his master. Not the other way around.

Another note. While your puppy must be punished when he is naughty, he must also be praised and rewarded when he obeys. Beagles love food and will do anything for your treats.

The puppy is chewing your shoes, clothes and whatever it can get his teeth on.

When your puppy is young he chews to get relief from the discomfort of his rapidly growing teeth. This can develop into a costly and annoying habit, which he may not see fit to stop when his teeth stop growing. One of the best ways to discourage him from chewing your belongings is to provide him with something he may chew on. A good thing is a bone, or a toy. I recommend a bone because the smell is more tantalizing to him than that of a toy. He will naturally want to chew on the bone because he likes the smell better than your shoe.  as I said before when you catch him with his little teeth on your shoes, smack him on the nose with your newspaper. Say “NO” very sternly at the same time so he learns to connect the word with stopping a naughty activity.

Your puppy is using the restroom where you do not want him to do that.

A good method to prevent this is to put him in a cage where all the space is occupied by his bed. A dog will never wet in his bed, after he is about a month or two old. take him out of the cage every hour to two hours and lead him to the place where you want him to relieve himself. keep this up for approx two weeks and he should be both potty trained and trained to use a specific area. Obviously he may make some mistakes, and need discipline. One method I have heard, Although I cannot say I have proved it, is to hold his nose to the area where he wet your floor. smack him with the newspaper and say “NO” loudly and sternly.

Your Dog Jumps On You.

This may seem like a cute trick while your puppy is little, but consider this senario. You all dressed up to attend a wedding or otherwise dressy event. you walk out of you room or house and you dog jumps up and sticks his muddy feet on your beautiful cloths. Not Cool! Teach him not to do this while he is young by pushing his head down and saying “NO” You will save yourself a lot of trouble later.


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